September 16, 2015 class

Amazing session! Everybody was so concentrated and focused! We enjoyed the silence and the moment of Yoga in every movement… Thank you my friends! :) Keep up please!

First goes warming up!

Very nice Triangle of one of our yoga winners Donanjela!

Cat stretch!

Last moments of stretching…

September 9, 2014 class

Big salute from Sun Yoga! First day of a new semester, and Sun Yoga is back to the school of La Digue! Lots of kids from primary 1 level! Enjoying yoga postures again!

First moments of the session… Getting ready and tuning up!


Ideal lotus posture …

December 3, 2014 class

Bonzour from Sun Yoga! Today was our last class for the semester, and we celebrated this occasion with little banana cupcakes from Sun Yoga! :) Everyone was rewarded for excellent work and effort during this semester. Especially, it is important to note the increased ability of concentration and relaxation at the end of our sessions. There is certainly a big improvement! Please keep up! And we will see each other next year! Enjoy your holidays!


Trying Butterfly Pose!

November 26, 2014 class

Sun yoga at La Digue school welcomes you again! Today we had a beautiful journey to the Wonderland and Cracker the Dragon, and we were making lots of magic, and really enjoyed our yoga time! Here are our today’s Bow Poses — Yusrah, Whitney, and Ellie-Anne!

Yusrah in a Bow!


Always smiling Whitney! :)

One of our leaders — Ellie-Anne shows her Bow!