November 12, 2014 class

Today it was real fun! We had new comers! Amina, welcome! :) We were stretching, displaying our beautiful and gracious Trees and Eagles, and of course like always enjoying the class! Look at these smiling faces!

Our ‘Forest’ of Trees!


Donanjela stretching up to the Sun!


A room full of gracious Eagles!

Amina swinging herself in Butterfly!

October 29th, 2014 class

Sun Yoga greetings! This time we are improving on our Eagle’s Pose, the posture of the semester! Everyone is getting more and more comfortable and doing just great! Emmie in a Bow’s Pose, and Leeza from P5A in her gracious Tree Pose, able to hold it with her eyes up! Congratulations! :)

October 22nd, 2014 class

Sun Yoga welcomes you again this week! Besides the usual fun posturing our flexible bodies, today we have an amazing time getting relaxed after the session. All the kids were so quiet and concentrated being really present in the moment when waiting for that magic sound of the singing bowl… Thank you for these wonderful moments! Till very soon

October 15, 2014 class

Sunny greetings from Sun Yoga! A new semester has started, and all the children are happy to be back to Sun Yoga classes! Here is our group from the class of October 15th. A new competition is ahead, and this time it will be an Eagle Pose!

July 23rd, 2014 class

We are at the end of the semester now, and so excited to announce the names of the winners for the best Candle’s Pose! Everyone was trying really really hard, and we have witnessed a great progress with everyone! This semester there are three the most outstanding students — Eazhaura Vidot from P2B, Ellie-Anne Rose Bonnelanme from P3A and Donanjela Bouchereau from P5A! Congratulations! The winners are awarded with a Sun Yoga certificate, sunflower and cilantro plants to grow in a garden! :)

Donanjela from P5A, the winner of the best Candle’s Pose


Ellie-Anne from P3A, the winner of the best Candle’s Pose

July 2nd, 2014 class

Greetings from Sun Yoga! Here are pictures from July 2nd class! Isn’t it getting better and better? :) Donanjela is getting to close to a perfect Candle Pose, and Ellie-Anne is one of the leading. ;) And look at Anna-Rita in a Tree Pose — couldn’t be better! Good work!

June 25th, 2014 class

On June 25th, 2014 our school group got much bigger! Now there are eleven people, and most of them come regularly to every class! There are students from P2-B, P3-A, P5-A & P5-B, and S1.

This semester we are holding a small competition for the best Candle Pose! And the best three candidates will receive a prize of a sunflower plant to grow in a garden! The announcement of the winners will be on July 16th. You still have time to improve on it! However, even now the results are amazing!

Below are some pictures from the class. Keep the progress up! See you very soon! Namaste…

June 4th, 2014 class

On June 4th, 2014 there was the first session of the new semester. The kids were happy to rejoin the classes, and we even had some new faces! :) Shahana from P3B grade was very diligent and showed the most beautiful «branches» in the most straight Tree Pose, while Saul from P5B did his best in the Candle Pose. Ryan from P6A was unmatched in the Bow Pose. Just look at that curve in his back! Amazing flexibility! Congratulations and keep the progress up! See you next Wednesday! Namaste…

Ryan from P6A in the incomparable Bow Pose! Bravo!

Saul from P5B showing his Candle Pose

Our new star Shahana from P3B in a Tree Pose!