Sun Yoga for Kids

This page is devoted to Sun Yoga classes for children at the local school on La Digue island, Seychelles.

It is important to encourage children to exercise since early age, and Sun Yoga project is fortunate enough to provide this opportunity to the children of a small community of La Digue island. Every child of every age and every fitness level is welcome to join!

To stimulate and encourage children to attend classes consistently and make progress, after each Sun Yoga session the entry in this blog is made regarding the class progress, as well as the pictures are posted. After each month a winner for the best posture will be chosen and awarded with Sun Yoga prize! Winners can only be among those who attend regularly — every session!

As of May 2014, Sun Yoga classes for children of La Digue community take place at 14.15 every Wednesday at the dining hall of La Digue school. Children or/and their parents are encouraged to contact a deputy teacher for primary school Mrs. Eveline to sign up for Sun Yoga classes.


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