Group sessions

Practicing yoga in a group is a great experience. Get a wonderful feeling of unity as everyone breathes and moves in unison. Our group sessions have combined approach and focus on balance, flexibility, and relaxation.

The calming atmosphere of Sun Yoga classes will help you decompress and liberate your mind. Detaching from the often noise world of information overload even for a short time of yoga sessions will let you step back into natural rhythm of life — rediscovering what living in the moment really feels like.

The schedule of morning and afternoon group lessons:

Monday, Thursday: 6AM — 7.30AM

Tuesday, Friday: 4.30PM — 6.00PM

Location: Calou Guesthouse, La Digue

Sign up for a group monthly membership! Call (+248) 261 3385 or send us an inquiry.

If you are staying at one of these hotels on La Digue, please contact the reception about the schedule of Sun Yoga sessions: