Private sessions

For the individual sessions the holistic approach is taken by evaluating your physical and emotional states during the initial interview. Then a tailored program is developed based on the goals defined together. There are number of programs that have been created to help you choose what you would like to achieve with Sun Yoga:


  • Sun Yoga for Stress Relief is an ideal program for those who are looking for relaxation and releasing body tension. It helps lower the stress and also teaches you ways to deal with stress effectively in the future. Deep breathing technique is the important part of this program.

  • Sun Yoga for Flexibility. Flexibility is a precious ability we are born with, but most of us lose it, as nowadays our lives became restricted and sedentary. Stretching keeps us limber, youthful, and healthy. To be flexible means to be young! Get stretched and feel energized with this Sun Yoga program.

  • Sun Yoga for Rejuvenation. Get benefit from the ancient yoga that Tibetan monks have been practicing since about 2500 years ago. The program will teach you postures that if incorporated into daily life will rejuvenate your body and mind.

  • Sun Yoga & Aromatherapy. Yoga and essential oils are a perfect match, as both strive to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Embrace your practice with benefits of aromatherapy introduced to your Sun Yoga session. Feel the calming and relaxing effect of lavender and geranium. Get the sense of fulfillment and spiritual nourishment by inhaling invigorating lemon, citronelle or locally-produced ylang-ylang aromas.

Please contact us to arrange for a Sun Yoga private session: call +248 250 2396 or send an inquiry.

If you are staying at one of these hotels on La Digue, please contact the reception about the schedule of Sun Yoga sessions: